Twin Panel February Meeting

Our February meeting was the twin panel. Two sets of adult twins, Donna Lamkin and Diane Bailey, as well as Brianna Dowell and Devyn DeBartolo (daughter’s of previous member Pam) and came to talk to the members about life as a twin. It was a great to learn about what they liked and didn’t growing up as a twin.


Both were identical twins, Brianna & Devyn are mirror twins.It was great to hear about they’re experiences growing up & today!

Both sets talked about their different experiences in school, being together in class or separate. They discussed not always getting invited to the same birthday parties, but both had the same group of friends eventually. They enjoyed dressing the same and sharing clothes, plus having someone try different hair styles and clothes on! 😁

They talked about going to Twinsburg, Ohio for the twin festival. It was a fun tradition for Brianna & Devyn and Donna & Diane wanted to go as well!

They both discussed going through different life events together and some apart and how those experiences were at times difficult, tbut mostly positive for them.

Members asked questions to gain insight into their current twin dilemmas.

Thank you so much for coming to talk to us!



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