Spring Workshop

If there is one word to say about MOTHERS OF MULTIPLES is that we are ADAPTBLE!
MOI and a local club host a one day Spring Workshop each year in April and then a weekend convention in October.

The group has been doing this for 57 YEARS. The host club this year is Multiple Choice with Spring Workshop and Convention planned for a hotel in Glenview.

Well the INCREDIBLE ADAPTABLE Multiple Choice Moms switched gears in MARCH and went from an in person Spring Workshop to an ONLINE Spring Workshop due to COVID-19. They did a fabulous job. They had over 90 people registered for Spring Workshop including 9 Double Love Members. About 65 were able to attend.

The meeting started off with each person having a chance to introduce themselves, say their club and tell about their kids. The president of MOI – Danielle Glodowski went through a PowerPoint going over general MOI business. She kicked off the business meeting with the “Being a mother…” quote below that was provided by the MOI Chaplain – Margie Zupancic.

After the business meeting – Multiple Choice shared with use the plans for the Oct 2020 convention.
Registration is open now for convention: https://moi.ticketbud.com/multiples-of-illinois-convention-2020 They are also selling some great clothing as a fundraiser for convention: https://twinsconv2020.itemorder.com/sale

We broke for a “buffet lunch” that was supplied by anything you could find in your own refrigerator. After lunch we heard from 2 great speakers. A twin mom who is therapist who talked about raising resilient kids and an eye doc who talked about tips for parents and adults with all the extra screen time we are all doing now (remember 20-20-20: every 20 mins look away from the screen at something 20 ft away for 20 sec).

After the speakers it was RAFFLE PRIZE time – they sold 1888 tickets bringing in $1,515 to help with convention costs. THANK YOU to all DL members who bought tickets. THREE out of the 12 prizes went to DL members.
Congratulations to Annette, Shannon and Brenda!!!

Mark your calendar NOW for the MOI Convention Oct. 16-18, 2020.

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