MOI Virtual Spring Workshop

The 2021 MOI (state) Spring Workshop was held virtually Saturday, April 17, 2021.

Spring Workshop included:
 introductions of those attending
 a business meeting,
 info about the 2021 MOI (state) Convention planned for October,
 Keynote Speaker – Natalie Diza, Twiniversity
 Raffles
 Twin Panels
 Share Shops (Traveling with Multiples or School Placement for Your Multiples)

About 80 people signed up to attend Spring Workshop and 50-60 attended throughout the day. There were 27 first time Spring Workshop people signed up. We received an update on the 2021 State Philanthropic
– The Owens family. To date about $1,797 have been collected for Jennifer and here her twins Zane and Zander. This amount includes the gifts Double Love sent to Jennifer and her boys at Christmas. Just a reminder Jennifer is the president of the Rockford club MMORE and her husband passed away in August 2020.

Twins Panel – 5 sets of twins

Multiple Choice shared with us info about the Convention planned for October 2021. Both Multiples
Choice (the host local club) and MOI hopes that we will be able to have convention IN PERSON.
They will be monitoring COVID and will be making a decision this summer. They will be sending out
a survey to gauge willingness to attend an in person convention.

MOI will be giving out Scholarships this year for higher education for both parents of multiples and for
kids of MOI members. See and click on the Resources tab for details.

Over 1,300 raffle tickets were purchased and Double Love Member Annette WON one of the raffles.
The day ended with hearing from the TWINS PANEL (high school & college students) and the Share

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