Summer Resale 2021

Summer 2021 Resale

SATURDAY, August 7th 

7am – 3pm (Sale is 8-12)

St. John’s School – 115 N. Spring St. Elgin – Park behind gym off alley.



St. John’s School – 115 N. Spring St. Elgin  – Park behind gym off alley.

Magnets & Road Signs out SUNDAY August 1st


All members are required to work the sale in some capacity. This is our only fundraiser for the club. In order to sell at the member rate you must work at least 5 hours. Information will be sent out to sign up for shifts. We need EVERY member to do the following for the Clothing Sale:

  • Put out 2 yard/road signs (check local laws, in many places your sign needs to be on private property, place near schools/rec centers/daycares, grocery stores). Please let us know if you don’t have signs.
  • Post the sales flyer/event to at least 3 online websites or social media platforms/groups. Examples include your area Patch, Elgin Courier News and other local papers, Neighborhood/city Websites, Children’s resale sites, Area garage sales sites, etc.
  • Post the sale to YOUR social media, invite your friends via the FB event, hang/pass-out/email flyers around the area.
  • Work at least one shift for the setup (6pm-10pm) and sale (7:30am-3:30pm). If possible invite a friend, sibling, spouse, parent etc to help with set-up or at the sale.
  • Wear your club shirt to the sale.


Please share the sale information on Facebook, bring and post flyers at local places, put out road signs and put on car magnets. Share with friends & family who would be interested in selling and shopping! We need to grow our audience to make more money and for you to sell more items!


1 – What to sell: GENTLY USED children’s clothing, toys, equipment, decorative items for children’s rooms and maternity clothing are allowed. Maternity clothes can only be sold on hangers. 

• Clothing for Fall sale – fall/winter dresses, shirts with sleeves (long or short), long pants, sweaters, sweatshirts, fleece, coats, hats, mittens, boots and Halloween costumes. No swim attire/shoes, sandals, sun dresses, shorts or tank tops. 

• Clothing for spring sale – spring / summer dresses, bathing suits, shorts, tank tops, sandals, spring jackets, shirts (with either long or short sleeves), pants, etc. No fall/winter dresses, sweaters, fleece, coats, hats, mittens, boots or Halloween costumes.

• Car Seats – If you are planning to sell a car seat, it must not be expired, recalled or was in any type of accident. You must fill out a Car Seat Waiver Form and include it with the car seat. Contact for this Form (also included in newsletter) 

2 – How to sell: Your GENTLY used clothes must be sorted by GIRLS & BOYS and sorted by size AND hung or folded neatly. Items that are stained, ripped, soiled, broken or stretched out AND shoes that have little/no traction will not be placed on the sales floor. Hanging items is encouraged. When using hangers, hang clothes so that the hanger looks like a question mark when the front of the garment is facing you. 

• Tagging – All items must be tagged with Double Love Sale Tags. Please fill out the LEFT and RIGHT SIDES of the tags. Check the newsletter for your club number and tag color. The minimum price should be $0.50. Please price items to the $0.25 (prefer pricing to nearest $0.50). Use the “half price” sheet that has a heart on each side of the tags if you want items to be sold for 1/2 price after 11AM. Price to the closest $0.50 for half price items. 

• Please use safety pins to affix the tags to all items. Do not use straight pins! Tags must be attached on the right side of clothing items. It is suggested that pins be placed in the seam or other area to not ruin the item. CLEAR PACKAGING TAPE may be used to attach tags to toys, equipment, etc. Please tape only the LEFT SIDE of the tag. Any items on the sales floor that lose their tags or are un-tagged will be sold as a donation to “Double Love” with the club receiving all profits from the sale. The club is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items. 

• Bring your merchandise in boxes or hard plastic containers/bins (no shopping bags). Mark each box or container/bin AND EACH LID with your “club number”. Also mark on the boxes or containers/bins 1 of 1, 1 of 2, etc. This is very important for packing up your items at the end of the sale. You must take all of your own boxes or containers/bins with you when the sale is over, even the empty ones. We DO NOT have anywhere to dispose of them. 

3 – Working the sale. All members are asked to work the sale (this is our only fundraising event). Members are encouraged to bring their children (if you feel they are old enough), spouses or other family members to help during Friday setup and Saturday tear down. We are a non-profit organization so children can receive “community service” hours for helping. 

• Set up is Fri, August 6th at 6PM and concludes around 10PM. Please be there with all items pre-tagged at that time, ready to work/set-up. We set up and place outside sellers first before any club member items are placed on the sales floor. Members can shop after all items are on the floor. 

• The sale is Sat, August 7th from 8:30 AM – noon for the public and 8am for MOI members. DL Members should arrive by 7:30 AM and plan on staying until 3:30 for clean-up & adding up tags. Dinner will be provided on Fri. and lunch will be provided on Sat. 

4 – Bake sale to benefit the Philanthropic is on Saturday. On Friday night, please bring 6-12 individually wrapped kid friendly items or juice boxes for the bake sale. 

5 – Bring large bags for the sale from businesses such as Target, Kohl’s. etc, 

6 – Approximately 3 weeks after the sale, you will receive a sale proceeds check in the mail. You will receive 85% of your gross profits and Double Love will retain 15%. Thank you for your help in making our sales so successful. 

7 – Member Business Table – we will be setting a specific area aside for any Club Member’s Business Flyers. You just need to print your own flyers and be working the sale. You can bring the flyers with you when you come for the Friday night set-up.  

 Thank you for your help in making our sales so successful.

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