2021 Multiples of America Virtual Summit Recap

July 31 – August 1, 2021

Double Love Members – each year usually there is a convention in July that members of the various Mothers or Parents of Multiples Clubs are invited to attend across the US – this is the National Multiples of America Convention. Last year due to COVID-19 the convention was canceled. This year due to some bylaw changes over the last year – the convention was held in a virtual format. Lisa Noonan and Kathy
Schmitt from Double Love attended the Virtual Summit.

Currently there are 9,741 members of MOA across 194 clubs. Over the last year MOA have built partnerships with Fetal Health Foundation, Lily’s Hope, Twins Magazine, Sidelines, Inc. MOA continues to develop various Facebook pages to bring mothers of multiples together.

The Notebook (magazine) was redesigned to an online version called Multiple Connections not to be confused with the Multiples of Illinois Multiple Connections – yes – both publications have the same name. MOA gave out 3 $500 scholarship to kids of MOA members for their college education There were a number of bylaws voted on at the virtual summit, including a dues increase annually to $15 per person from $10.

There were 3 speakers at the virtual convention. On Saturday afternoon we heard from: Christie Cuthbert (www.christiecuthbert.com), Mom of 4 boys, including a set of triplets, Author and Humor Columnist. Christie talked about as moms of multiples it is so important to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Find volunteer things you can do with your kids from a young age. Find humor in motherhood and remember the DAYS ARE LONG, BUT THE YEARS ARE SHORT. The Sunday speakers were the mother / daughter team of: Curline & Candace Olusola. They spoke on “Raising our Children to Walk in Freedom.“ Remember each of your children has something to give.

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