2021-2022 Board Nominations

Thank you to our Nominees!

President – OPEN (Annette can do one more year based on the vote to extend her term)


Secretary – Jenny L

Treasurer – Shannon F

Webmaster – OPEN

Newsletter – Lindsey S

Membership – Kathy S

National & State Rep – Kathy S

Clothing Sale Advertising/Set up/Day of Chair – OPEN

Clothing Sale Outside Seller Chair – Shannon F

Nominations/volunteers for President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer are accepted in March, elections are held in April. There are two year limits on terms per our by-laws.

Voluntary board positions include: Membership, State Rep, National Rep, Newsletter, Webmaster and Clothing Sale.

Please consider becoming part of the Double Love Board! WE NEED YOU to keep the group going!

President : Attend and run the monthly meetings (monthly), set up a meeting to plan the agenda and budget (yearly), write president’s letter for newsletter (monthly), be an ex-officio member of all committees

Vice-President: Acts as program chairperson, confirms speakers and introduces guest speakers, secures meeting space, refreshments and set up for monthly meetings, advertises meetings on Facebook (create events), performs the duties of the President(s) in her/their absence or inability to serve, shall become President when a vacancy is created in that office during the term

Secretary: Keep minutes at all monthly meetings or find someone to take them for you in your absence, e-mail / post copy of meeting minutes to the President(s) and Newsletter Editor, provide an attendance sheet at all meetings and include in monthly minutes, provide advertising to publicize the club, the sales and fundraisers (as needed), type up any revisions to the Bylaws and make available to all members.

Treasurer: To have custody of the club checkbook, maintain the account (monthly)/to keep records of expenditures, to make disbursement of funds upon order for payment within the approved budget or with the approval of the President(s) or VP with proper receipts, To pay official fees and order supplies as directed by the boar, to establish a permanent bank account to be signed with the President(s) or Secretary, to submit a 5 month (Aug to Dec) year-end report (Aug – July) to the President(s) / club, work with Membership in contacting members when memberships come due, inform the President of the dues status of all members, get the seed money for the clothing sale (twice a year) and serve as cashier at clothing sales, determine the amount each person earned at the clothing sale and write/send out checks, prepare a clothing sale recap statement and publish in newsletter (twice a year)

Membership (2 co-chairs): Frequently checks the Double Love Gmail Account and respond/forward e-mails, provides information about our club to prospective members and be their first point of contact, introduces prospective members at meetings, e-mails Newsletter Editor prospective members info so they can receive complementary newsletter, compiles master Membership List and emails list to Double Love Board and keep on Google Drive, write an article about the new members for the newsletter, updates & prints Tri-fold as needed, updates & orders business cards as needed, comes up with ideas for “swag” items (Pens, Magnets, Notepads, Etc.) and orders when approved, run a membership drive every 2 years, work with Treasurer in contacting members when memberships come due

Newsletter: Compiles monthly information for Newsletter (August-May, then one for June/July), email newsletter to Double Love members and prospects, maintains the birthday/anniversary list for publication in newsletter, issues and keeps a record of clothing sale (tag) numbers.

Webmaster: Maintain / Update the Double Love website, updates calendar information on the website, posts information on the website (meetings, clothing sales, parties, etc.) on website, maintain the Double Love Group e-mail list

State Rep: First point of contact, along with the president, for information passed down from the state organization to be shared with the club, share the Double Love annual membership list to Multiples of Illinois for their membership in the state org, send in information to state on new members as they join after the annual list is sent on or before October 15.

National Rep: First point of contact, along with the president, for information passed down from the national organization to be shared with the club, share the Double Love annual membership list to Multiples of America for their membership in the national org, send in information to national on new members as they join after the annual list is sent on or before Sept 30.

Clothing Sale Coordinator(s): Is the first point of contact for outside sellers for our kids clothing sales (spring and fall), keeps the signage and supplies for the kids clothing sales, keeps a layout of the gym floor to aid in the setup of each sale and makes changes as necessary, takes the information from post-sale meetings to make improvements for the sale, checks outside sellers in at setup and out after the sale, organizes volunteers during setup, during the sale and during breakdown of the gym, brainstorms (with the secretary) ideas for more effective advertising.

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