State Convention – 60th Anniversary

Eight  Double Love members had fun at Convention! A great speaker talked about all those shortcuts and ways we get through motherhood. There was a great share shop about school and it’s challenges from preschool – college. Some members got crafty and painted while others tried their hand at Trivial Pursuit 80s edition – Congrats Jenny on winning (Trudee & Kathy in a close second). We decorated the atrium into a 1920’s speakeasy and prepped for our parts! Kathy was the Detective in charge of it all. Annette was the cheap slut mistress who sang and was the first victim. Jenny was the wife of poor  philandering Billy (Lisa) who was the second victim! With help from some dancing club members (Jody, Lori, Shannon F & Jenny) everyone solved the murder. Jenny & a Double Take Member were the murderers! 

Double Love members won raffle baskets and had a great time connecting with other groups!

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