Holiday Donations

We were able to donate to three families this holiday season! We are so thankful for all your help at the Resales so we have the money to donate to these families!

The Owens Family – 2021 State Philanthropic

We were able to buy several gifts for Jennifer and her twin boys. We selected Lego sets for the boys and an audible subscription for Jennifer. We hope these gifts brought smiles on Christmas and helped the family!

The Nwagha Family – 2020 State Philanthropic

We were able to send Aldi gift cards to the family to help cover everyday expenses. They are so thankful for all the help and support. They successfully moved to a new home and Onyinay has some job opportunities so hopefully things are looking up for them!

The Gallagher Family –

Lori has been a long time Double Love member and we were able to send her and her daughters a few Christmas gifts to help out after the loss of their Dad/husband Pat last spring.

The Bickford Senior Living Home – 

We were able to donate a box full of craft projects, pictures, cards, and candy to the residents at Bickford Senior Living home! They were very excited and thankful to cheer up the residents!

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